Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring and growth-

Now we've changed the clocks and the weather is picking up, it is time to think of growth in many ways. Years ago, we used to see a painter in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. He was always in the same spot and always painted the same picture- shafts of light coming down through the evergreens. I'm assuming he sold them - to buyers who had no idea that their painting was virtually a duplicate of many others. Original? -yes, sort of. It wasn't a print and it was freshly painted but without an original thought!
For Life Drawing, I like using different materials. For painting, I like different subjects. I'd probably paint people all the time if I could afford to hire models just for myself. But then, I enjoy plein air, studio painting of landscapes, and even the occasional still life when something really appeals to me. I've done quite a few bouquets and a whole series of fruit and vegetables. I choose subjects because of a strong feeling I have for it. Right now I'm working in a couple of different directions. For me, the enjoyment of painting is the constant challenge and opportunity for growth. I may not always be sure of where I'm going, but I find pleasure in the journey. The painting this time was done about a year ago because I loved the old-style keys. And so the painting is called "Keys". The rest of the story is up to the viewer.

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