Friday, June 24, 2011

"The school of life"

"The school of life" is what Robert Genn calls his latest newsletter. He notes that every year about 900,000 North Americans try painting for the first time and 800,000 quit in frustration. "Apparently, at any given time, three percent of the population is trying to paint." He goes on to say "On the surface, painting looks easy, offers mounds of personal satisfaction and has the potential of big bucks. But then again, so does golf. And we all know that golf makes grown men cry. When closely examined, high-aimed painting is difficult, loaded with disappointment and the dubious benefits of poverty."- This is applicable timing as I was out the other day for an appointment for my husband. I took the books I "published" on my Mac and the doctor was appreciative - but-- immediately assumed I must be in the "big bucks" category. Complimentary, in a way, but far from the truth. Most of us persist because we *must* paint, but most of us would have starved if we had to rely on or art income. We carry on through sheer determination.
Here is Lawrence as painted. I showed, in previous blogs, the graphite drawings done in Life Drawing. Originally, the background was lighter, but, following a critique, I re-did it. It probably looks a bit more like a suggestion of foliage now and is more dramatic against the flesh tones. An artist has to keep questioning.

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