Saturday, March 9, 2013

Painting Progression

Since I was getting lost with the piles of pots, I drew- with paint- the shapes in again. I managed to sort myself out - and then, pretty well had to start eliminating all those outlines while keeping order of which pile was where. The challenge will be to keep a sense of the light and also have a slight variety in the colour of the pots - while keeping them all still obviously clay pots.  They have to be enough the same to have a unity but then have some variety for interest. I'm not sure who such a painting would appeal to - well, I like the idea because there is  a story in all the possibility of what grew, or is still to be grown, in those pots- but what will someone else see in it? Next, the ivy needs more work and I'll have to develop the moss on the pots to convincing texture and colour as well as work on shadow areas. It is definitely more of a puzzle to solve than some paintings.

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