Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Drawing last night

Here is some of what I did last night- back to pencil. The first one is part of the warm-ups - two sketches each of 2 minutes with a 6-B pencil.  (Just on some old paper and you can see the difference in the photograph - the longer pose is on nicer paper in a pad.) It  is black and white Prismacolor pencil crayons on grey paper. The idea for the first ones is to get the general idea and proportions and get your hand and eye ready to go on. The 25-minute one  is a tonal-value study. Right now I am working on a set of these but I'll go back to colour again! It is good practice to look for the lightest and the darkest and just work *without* colour for a change. I've started a category on my Pinterest that is all just some of my work in Life Drawing sessions. I thought it might be fun to assemble them somewhere - so that is where they are - as well as sitting in a pile in a cupboard!

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