Sunday, February 16, 2014

Value from a critique

At our critique in December.I took my Lanterns painting -posted December 29th on this blogsite and also used on my January newsletter.  I found the comments worthwhile.  But, of course, I was also listening- and learning, which is such an ongoing thing in the world of art, from comments on paintings by others. One other artist had a path through the woods and one of the comments was to not make it such a straight-forward path but to break it up with shadows and colour changes. So, thinking about that, I decided to revise my "In the Woods". I was also thinking of Lalita's comments that whatever it is that you do- be it colour emphasis or shape emphasis, for example- do it *more*. I love colour so I decided to push it even more for the revision. I think it works as I find the painting more lively and appealing.  I've just taken it - and also "Lanterns" to hang in the rotunda at Richmond Art Centre with the Guild display. The paintings will be up until March 9th." Lanterns" is 16 by 20 and "In the Woods" is 36 by 20. Both are acrylics on canvas. The show also has oils and watercolours.

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