Friday, March 28, 2014

Drawing Ariel

Drawing today at the art centre. We were in the Fabric room because the painting room was being used for a kid's event.  So we had to bring in our stand, lamp and so on - and move all the tables. However, it is a nice bright room. Of course, the model had to be fully clothed as there are windows from the hallway. Ariel is a good model with a lively personality so she is fun to draw and paint. I used "tobacco" mi-tientes paper again.  More and more, I am thinking that I like to work on dark paper. Somehow, it brings up the lights better. It might be possible for some people  to stay clean and work in pastels - but it doesn't seem possible for me. I end up with pastels on my clothing, even when wearing an apron, and every "break", I need to wash my hands. Still, I'm really enjoying working with pastels- especially working with lights and shadows.  Wednesday, I did another pastel so I'll post that soon - but I have already put it up on Pinterest. I've made a board of my Life Drawings as it seemed a good idea to show them somewhere.  I always show some at DoorsOpen but I'm wondering if I should think about doing a book of Life Drawings with Apple.  Could be fun....

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