Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gypsy Family Nesting Dolls

Well, here we are for April. This was painted  in 2001 on a set of blanks from Russia and is an original design---- just having fun with my imagination.  The largest one is 9 and 1/2 inches tall. From the side view, it can be seen that modelling paste was added to both the nose and the lips and a paper mache' crystal ball is held in cardboard hands. I also used twine to outline her wavy hair and her earring. Then I gessoed the forms before painting in acrylics and varnishing with acrylic varnish. Although these blanks are better made than some, I used beeswax on the joints - just in case. The second doll has a similar blouse and skirt but has a red flower in her hair and carries a tambourine. The mustached third doll wears a red cap and vest,  has a yellow scarf and a red fancy handkerchief in his pants pocket. The fourth, somewhat younger girl has the same blouse, skirt and shawl and carries a cat. The mischievous-looking young boy is dressed like his Dad  right  down to red handkerchief in his rear pocket and has a grey pet dog. The younger girl has her hair in braids with red bows and has a pet monkey. Last of all is a baby wrapped in a purple shawl and carrying a rattle.

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