Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paintings at the Cannery

We changed paintings at Gulf of Georgia Cannery again last week so I took this one in. The reference photo was taken from the water (obviously!) when a group of us had the opportunity to go out on the River Queen last summer. It was a day or two before the season opened and all the boats were getting organized. This one was loading on the purse seine net, an interesting operation. There actually was another boat just in behind so I had to consult multiple photos to separate out the two - especially the top structures- mast, radar and so on. The fishery does fly the Canadian flag but it would have been at the very right-hand edge of the painting so it got edited out. This was a fair challenge to paint but I wanted to do it because it is so very "west coast" and shows Steveston in full action. Farmers Markets continue at the Cannery and the next one is this Sunday, March 15th. There is free admission so you can shop the Market and then tour the Cannery exhibits . There are guides explaining the exhibits but the whole thing is really well-done on its own too. You can pick up audio devices (cleverly done with fish cans) to hear explanations, pull out drawers of supplemental information and see various exhibits- about the canning process, fishing industry and even labour problems!  As a big part of our history, it is really worthwhile to see - and good to be able to see it without paying admission. Richmond Artists Guild display is a ways down - not immediately back of the Market where they set up a lot of heaters.  So, it is cooler down there but we do have members there on Market days - so do drop by.

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