Sunday, April 5, 2015

painting shown in full...

I just sent out my newsletter with a detail of this painting on it. ---detail because of the shape of the available space. So - here is the whole thing. It is a fairly small painting- 18" x12". I put the net stencils on the painting because the boat was "Ready for the Run", which was starting the next day, and would be using a net to catch fish. It was a way to get a little creative  and have fun with the subject. I just had this painting down at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in a display with other members of Richmond Artists Guild. Our last display, for a bit, is this month - winding up on the 26th and the last  indoor Farmers Market- but May and June we are back in Rocanini Coffee Shop with flowers and gardens as the theme. Putting down the measurements of this painting made me think about the fact that paintings and frames are still measured in inches here. I wonder if that is because of our closeness to the USA?  For those of my generation, it is easier to think in inches anyway - but it must be confusing to young people. Also, when I sold fabric designs to US magazines, all the measurements were in inches, not metric - so I must confess I have never really adapted and I have to think twice when measurements are metric. When measuring for one's own purposes, it doesn't matter what scale one uses anyway. Sometimes, for an artist, it is just comparing measurements on a pencil held at arms-length- as in "from this angle, how long is the leg compared to the torso?".

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