Friday, September 16, 2016

Artist Statements

     This is "Towards the Meadow" - one of the paintings I'm showing in the View Gallery at Fraserview Church, opening this Sunday. Church service is at 10:30 or you can come after at 12 and I can see you then. There is a coffee bar in the lobby. I had to write a Statement for the show. This is always a bit difficult to do. I know of one artist who said "Why should an artist have to write a Statement - nobody asks a novelist to do an illustration about his book!"
     I thought I would keep it simple- so here it is: " My paintings are about enjoying a time and place by capturing the moment . Light and colour are important elements of my art. I like working in acrylics because of the layering qualities.  "Home" paintings are mostly flowers because a garden is part of the enjoyment of home. "Afar" paintings bring the enchantment of experiencing a different environment."
      Maybe it is too simple - here is a statement from an art competition "The repeated blocks in my work function as confrontational and generative forms that both obstruct and actively construct the space of the painting." or "Painting is a physical and mental process that allows me to deconstruct the subject matter that I am addressing." - and "I am exploring the relationship of heritage and progress in the local context, while engaging with paint itself: its qualities, limits and history."
     The question is - do words make the painting? I think they sometimes do -at least with price and prestige. I would just like viewers to relate to the paintings themselves. We'll see if anyone has anything to say about the Artist's Statement.

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