Friday, September 23, 2016

Viewed in a different setting

     Here is  a view of the installation in the View Gallery. It is interesting to see the difference a change in surroundings makes to the paintings, My "Bleeding Hearts" painting especially seemed quite different as I hadn't seen it against a light wall before.  That was an interesting challenge to paint. I have a nice clump that comes up every year so close observation was not a problem. The green was the problem! In the garden, the actual green of the foliage looks good and a nice contrast - fresh and bright. However, translated into pigment, the pink and the green fought to the point where it was almost garish. I kept the pinks pretty well as Nature had them but I had to subdue the greens. In the painting, the greens look quite "natural" but there was a lot of adjustment and glazing to get the colours to work in harmony.
     The Gallery is in the church lobby which has been redone with a wooden floor instead  of carpet - which adds a nice shine to the place!  Barb Bowen does a great hanging job and the adjustable lights really set off the paintings. I felt like I was getting  freshly acquainted with the paintings in their new temporary home.

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