Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bouquet for this month-

Here is "Dahlia Bouquet" which I will use on this month's newsletter ...still to be done. Margreth grew the flowers which are the loveliest dahlias I've seen and then made this gorgeous bouquet - which just *had* to be painted! Of course, this was in the summer but I'm posting it now. The weekend painting project , mentioned last post, went very well. I haven't photographed the painting yet so I will probably post it next time. It has a bouquet in it too. Flowers are an interesting challenge as I think they should be recognizable as to type of flower, yet not be fussily "tight". I let this bouquet extend beyond the canvas so that there is a feeling of continued life beyond the frame. The funny thing is that I don't think of myself as a flower painter - I would love to do portraits almost all the time!- but I have actually sold all the bouquets that I have painted as well as many garden scenes. Well, I like flowers  so I suppose it shows. I  used gel with the paint to build up a bit of texture for surface interest.

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