Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Into a New Year

This one is called "Waiting Time" and was done last year at a workshop. The project was multi-media and the plan was to move a little bit more abstract. We had a model as a "starting point" reference.  The idea also was to put some personal feeling into the piece. Several things in my life then involved waiting so I felt a waiting and a time theme would work with the pose. This is painted on a cradled board. Three are several bits of collage = a textured wall paper strip makes the shelf- the original colour is the green at the right. That in turn inspired the green for the dress. I textured that  as it needed something more. The small clock is collaged and also several bits of the necklace and part of the earring. The figure is simplified and the neck lengthened- all experimentation. Next Sunday we have a painting session with the same model but a whole different theme and it will be just paint, not collage - as far as is planned. Of course, collage can always pop in if the work calls for it.

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