Thursday, January 31, 2013

Latest photographs

Here's Charlie! This is a a 45-minute conte' drawing done at the Marathon put on by Phoenix Art Workshop. This was the first day, first set of poses and Guy posed as Charlie Chaplin. I might put in a couple of 3-minute sketches if I can get them to photograph because he had some good poses. This one was with a stuffed animal. I had a decent day getting photos of some of my recent conte' work...the light has to be right. I'm wondering if I can get some other hard pastels as I haven't been able to find any more coloured conte'. I've got lots of the black, white and siennas used for sketching but the other range of colours seems to have disappeared from the market. I prefer them to soft pastels for the kind of work that I do. They are certainly easier to carry around as there is not the same need for a huge assortment of colours. Also, I don't need the really expensive paper such as used for soft pastels. I just use Canson Mi-Tientes and then give them a light spray with a fixative.
One virtue to drawings of all kinds is that paper is easy to stack and they don't take up the space that canvases do. The disadvantage would be if I wanted to show them in a gallery, they would all have to framed under glass. So far, I'm just enjoying do these and I'm not thinking of showing the conte' work..... and now I really am at the end of the month!

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