Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Charlie!

These are the three-minute sketches from Guy posing as Charlie Chaplin at the Drawing Marathon. I did the pen and ink in the three-minute posing time- then added the colour with some pencil crayons later. I often do this in my sketch book - the ink drawings get a bit more solidity that way. Even though fast sketches may not be perfectly accurate, somehow they seem to have a lot of life and can have a bit of something that might be missing from a longer pose and longer time to draw. Of course, it is easier for the model to hold a more difficult pose for a short time. It could be something that might give them cramps if they tried it longer!
     -Next time I'll  probably post some three-minutes of Wanda being a 1930's singer and it can be compared to the longer pose. Anyway, it is all fun ad good practice.

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