Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unusual Wednesday

This is a 45-minute drawing of Wanda being a 1930's singer - from the recent Marathon-  love that hat and the feather boa!

The February issue of Chatelaine has an interesting piece in its Health section. "Boost your spirits by channelling your inner Picasso. A new study out of the University  of Illinois at Chicago reveals that people who create  (or enjoy ) art or music on a regular basis are kinder, more active members of society than their less arty counterparts.  Researchers say the mere act of going to a  gallery or museum improves tolerance, increases compassion and may even spur us to perform more random acts of goodwill."  I'm not sure about all that- except that we sure seem to have a lot of nice, thoughtful people in our group!  As for active- well we always seem to have some upcoming project or event. I've just done a painting for the Royal City Gogos. They are going to have an art tour to raise funds and also make people aware of the African grannies who are raising their grandchildren since the children lost their parents to Aids. I've photographed my painting once but I think I"ll try another shot since it is fairly dark. Then I'll post which ever photo looks the best.

The reason this is an unusual Wednesday? It would be our meeting but the Children's Festival occupies the Painting Room this week and we are cancelled. No drawing or meeting on a Wednesday night is unusual indeed.

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