Sunday, February 17, 2013

Same painting, two photos

This is my painting for the" Go-go Grannies" here who work to support the African Grannies who are raising their grandchildren when the parents have died of Aids. I wanted to paint a sort of "universal" subject- a grandparent reading to a grandchild and passing on the gift of literacy. I was also interested in African fabrics and wanted to have something authentic as part of the painting. I downloaded some African fabric samples and then had them duplicated several times so I would have enough to collage them onto the canvas. The problem is, that the painting is dark and the light reflects off it- Maybe I should have  tried photography with a matte varnish and then added the satin varnish after- ? Maybe I will be wiser another time! So I think I will send the first photo in - better to have a bit of glare in the lower corner than on the face. Funny, the colours are truer and warmer on the first  photo too. It was done indoors under halogen lights, the second was done outdoors - sunny day, in the shade.

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